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Hey, I'm a regular joe trying to find a better way to earn money and live a better work life balance. I'm not a financial advisor, I'm just sharing my thoughts and experiences on different ways to make passive income.

What are some different types of Passive Income?

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So you’re on the bandwagon and want to start earning yourself some sweet, sweet passive income.  But now it’s time to decide on how to go about doing it  There’s a million different ways that you can do…

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Supercharging your Passive Income

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Do you have one or more passive income streams setup and find yourself looking to take things to the next level?  Feels good, right?  I bet you’re itching to start earning even more passive income.  So how can…

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Are Loyalty and Rewards Programs Passive Income?

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Loyalty and Rewards programs have been around for a very long time.  From that big bulk store membership card, to the fast food restaurant “10 stamps and the next one is free” style card, this type of marketing…

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The Puzzle Pieces Savings Plan

Puzzle pieces lay unconnected strewn upon a wooden table

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably gone on a family vacation, charged the whole shebang on your credit card, and dealt with the fallout after having all of that fun-in-the-sun (or whatever floats-your-boat).  Sure there may…

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Mylo Review

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Are you the kind of person who dumps their spare change into a jar once a day and smiles mightily when you count it up a few months later and have a few hundred extra dollars saved up? …

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Why Should I Want to Earn Passive Income?

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Regardless of who you are or what your employment and financial situation is, passive income makes sense for everyone.  But what makes it different, and why should we want to prioritize earning passive income over say regular active…

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Lending Loop Review

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Ever felt a little envious of the banker after applying for a loan yourself or after hearing about how the bank had once again made record-breaking quarterly income?  Well here’s your chance to become the banker.  Enter Lending…

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Who is Passive Income for?

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Would you like to earn extra money with little or no effort?  Does financial freedom appeal to you?  Are you a human who has to pay money in exchange for goods and / or services?  If you’ve answered…

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Being successful with Passive Income (or life)…

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So you’ve decided to get started earning passive income and now you want to take it to the next level.  What kinds of things can you do to ensure success, mitigate risk, and protect yourself and your investment?  While…

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Getting started with Passive Income

Four rolled upone dollar bills appear to be growing and blooming out of soil, with a miniature spade and rake beside them as if in a garden

Just do it… now!  Seriously, what are you waiting for? Time is money as they say, and the sooner you start investing the better results you are likely to see – passive or otherwise.  The sooner you have…

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