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What are some different types of Passive Income?

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So you’re on the bandwagon and want to start earning yourself some sweet, sweet passive income.  But now it’s time to decide on how to go about doing it  There’s a million different ways that you can do…

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Why Should I Want to Earn Passive Income?

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Regardless of who you are or what your employment and financial situation is, passive income makes sense for everyone.  But what makes it different, and why should we want to prioritize earning passive income over say regular active…

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Who is Passive Income for?

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Would you like to earn extra money with little or no effort?  Does financial freedom appeal to you?  Are you a human who has to pay money in exchange for goods and / or services?  If you’ve answered…

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Being successful with Passive Income (or life)…

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So you’ve decided to get started earning passive income and now you want to take it to the next level.  What kinds of things can you do to ensure success, mitigate risk, and protect yourself and your investment?  While…

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Getting started with Passive Income

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Just do it… now!  Seriously, what are you waiting for? Time is money as they say, and the sooner you start investing the better results you are likely to see – passive or otherwise.  The sooner you have…

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What is this Passive Income you speak of?

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Many, many years ago I remember standing in line at my local bank branch, quietly waiting my turn when my attention turned to a hand-written whiteboard sign on the floor – “$200,000 in a savings account could earn…

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